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Blink has a proven track record of helping clients tell their stories

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Founded in 2012, Blink Public Relations & Marketing is a community-minded, multidisciplinary, full-service public relations, design, and communications consultancy. We offer a fully integrated service founded in thoroughly researched, considered and tested approaches. We aim to provide communications solutions that meet KPIs and bring return on investment.

We have a proven track record of helping our clients tell their stories through all media and marketing channels, and consistently connect with targeted audiences.

We have the experience to identify story angles that ‘get across the line’ in the crowded media environment. The media knows they can trust us to provide press releases and informed commentary that make their lives easier, as well as provide content that adds value to their own platforms.


We'll work as part of your team

Today brands and organisations need to work harder than ever to make their voices heard. That means communicating in clear, fresh, and relevant ways that look to the future and lift your voice above the crowd. We push boundaries and challenge norms to breathe life and authenticity into your organisation’s dialogue.

We’ll help you get to the heart of the matter and make your communications work hard for you and your business. We listen and work as part of your team to know your audiences and how we can create a long-term and meaningful relationship with them. That means understanding their behaviours.

We want to understand your long-term goals so that your actions today build towards the bigger goals of tomorrow.

Natalie Bridges

Managing Director

Natalie founded Blink in September 2012 to harness the power of good communications for local businesses.

Understanding what makes people behave in the way they do and being able to positively influence that behaviour is what sets Blink apart. “Many of us are former journalists and I think our strength lies in understanding what makes people tick and how to create messages and connections that make good things happen.”

Natalie has worked in the UK as a producer, production assistant and researcher for BBC radio and TV consumer affair programmes, and has also stage-managed national BBC events. In New Zealand she pursued journalistic roles at the Bay of Plenty Times, More FM and RadioLIVE, before working as editor of Simply You and Simply You Living magazines. Her two English literature degrees include an MA from Oxford, where she specialised in romantic-period poetry.

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    It’s an intimate knowledge of how the media ticks, coupled with a full service marketing and design offering, that has seen individuals and businesses of all sizes choose Blink to plan and deliver communication campaigns that position them as experts in their field.