Agility in a world of change

Shae Skellern | Account Manager Communications, Marketing Leave a Comment

2020 has so far proved to be a tough year for many small businesses in New Zealand. 

With the fallout of COVID-19, many business owners have needed to act quickly in response to the pandemic and are now required to be more agile than ever before.

Accounting for an estimated 26 percent of New Zealand’s Gross Domestic Product, small businesses of less than 20 employees are an important part of the New Zealand economy. 

According to the latest data from Statistics New Zealand, small businesses account for 97 percent of all enterprises and 29 percent of all employees in New Zealand.

Thankfully, the government’s wage subsidies have helped many businesses needing an extra boost during this challenging time. But the need to be agile in business remains.

Small businesses that have the best chance of survival post COVID-19 are those that can adapt to new ways of operating and are happy to think outside the square.

Whichever avenue you choose to help your business thrive, a thread that remains consistent for all businesses is the power of good storytelling and communication. 

Amongst all the day-to-day tasks required of a small business owner, it’s easy to de-prioritise communications, whether to your current customers or those you haven’t met yet.

A good place to start is to do a quick communications health check, asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have a marketing and communications plan in place?
  • How do you currently communicate?
  • Can you define your audiences?
  • Do you know what your communications objectives are?
  • Does your communications and marketing plan align to your business objectives?

Defining these details and understanding what sets your business apart could do wonders for your business’ vision and outcomes.  And, all it requires is your time (yes, you do need to put this time aside!).

Marketing, brand and storytelling strategy, and social media are some of our expertise at Blink PR. If you need help defining your objectives and priorities, get in touch and talk to one of our team to learn more.

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