Digital is the ‘new normal’ post-COVID

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Digital engagement with your customers or stakeholders has become more important than ever before. Many small businesses which have never been online or previously only had a small digital presence have been forced to enter the world of e-commerce quickly in order to survive in the post-COVID world.

Other more established businesses used their lockdown time to take stock of their existing digital real estate and check whether their platforms accurately reflected their brand, product or service offering. Website and social media content can quickly date or become clunky. Those businesses which had failed before COVID-19 to update their sites with fresh content or improved functionality were exposed, appearing not to care about what is, in effect, their virtual shopfront. These businesses were forced to scramble to find admin login details to access the back-end of websites then sort through media libraries in the cloud for more suitable imagery while drafting new website messages to respond to urgent customer queries.

In the ‘new normal,’ businesses are reprioritising their digital communications. This doesn’t mean abandoning efforts to engage with customers or stakeholders offline, or via traditional print media or radio channels. It simply means investing your time and money in delivering content through digital channels where your targeted audience is most likely to visit.

For most businesses, this starts with a website, with social media channels quickly following suit to drive eyeball traffic through to your site to make a purchase or find information. Of course, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have become powerful spaces in their own right, used to capture leads, tell your stories and demonstrate the value that your business can provide. In most digital strategies, social media is essential for any business needing to build an online community.

The trouble is, building a community takes time so anyone with poorly developed digital platforms has been caught short. Early adopters enjoyed the competitive advantage of having invested in their online presence, placing them well ahead of the field in the race to win the hearts and minds of their targeted audience and the consumer spend.

But it’s not all doom and gloom post-COVID. With changes comes opportunity and the global pandemic has demonstrated that as Kiwis, we have the resilience and community spirit to overcome some pretty tough obstacles. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of updating your website, branding or social media presence, reach out for help. Our team at Blink PR has the experience to help you navigate your way through the social media jungle, and the capability to turn your poorly performing website into a platform that functions well and meets your customer’s every need.

Design, website development, social media content and brand storytelling are among our specialties. Get in touch and talk to one of our team to learn more.

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