How the changing media landscape affects you

Ellen Irvine | Account Manager Media, Pitches Leave a Comment

Like it or not, the media landscape in New Zealand is rapidly changing.

The announcement that NZME would close Tauranga’s Bay News and the Whangarei Report comes off the back of a year when Stuff announced it would close 28 community and rural newspapers.

You will also have noticed a change in the daily newspapers – fewer pages, fewer journalists and fewer stories.

What that means for you and your business is that it’s getting harder to get your story in print. Your best chance is to utilise PR professionals like Blink, and the fact remains that sometimes traditional media is still the best, or the necessary, way to tell your story.

However in this media climate, the good news is that press releases and pitching are just one way to get your story told, and should be part of a wider communications strategy.

Public relations is about so much more than media relations. PR simply means communicating with the people you need to – and the ways in which you can do this are constantly developing.

It’s about storytelling – creating great content that can be shared via an increasing variety of channels. In fact PR has always been about storytelling and building relationships – now we’re just using different ways to do this.

Media relations still has an important role to play, but is best used as part of a wider strategy.

We can help you and your business reach an expanded targeted audience via content creation and strategy across multiple channels, including blogs, websites, social media and electronic newsletters.

It’s about building your relationships with your stakeholders and creating content that can be used across multiple channels to deepen your reach.

The lines between PR, marketing and advertising are also continuing to blur. Native advertising can be another effective way to tell your story. In a modus operandi similar to the advertorial, native advertising – or sponsored content – doesn’t look or feel like ads.

Industry experts predict that this trend will continue to grow.

It’s an ever-evolving world, and as PR professionals we are excited about embracing the newest ways to ensure your story is shared with the people who matter.

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