Instagram Stories – A must-have marketing tool for your business

Tyler Crawford | Junior Account Manager Social Media

Image of laptop with instagram stories

Since its launch in May 2017, Instagram Stories has proved popular with users of the social media platform. With features including livestreaming capability, boomerangs and a 24-hour life span, it’s also a marketing tool worth investigating for your business.

Instagram Stories has already surpassed Snapchat in user numbers, with an estimated 200 million users as of April 2017 compared with Snapchat’s 161 million. The benefits of Instagram Stories for your business are many: 

  • Personal connection – As a business, it’s crucial to establish a connection with your audience, whether that connection is personal, emotional or physical. Instagram Stories helps to strengthen this connection, allowing you to showcase the people behind your business.
  • Encourages engagement – Followers of your page are able to connect directly with you and reply to stories that interest them, such as new products launching and upcoming events.
  • Forefront of mind – If you are consistent with your stories you are constantly in your audience’s mind. The aim is to bring people back every day to view what is going on within your business.
  • Real-time marketing – A strong benefit of Instagram Stories is the ability to market in ‘realtime’. Posting a story during an event or sale helps to encourage attendance and also shows other audiences the new and exciting things your business is doing.
  • Connect with your target audience – Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours. This means you are able to carefully select images and videos that may target specific sections of your audience and engage them with products.
  • Content diversity – Instead of a simple scheduled-in post with a carefully-tailored caption, Instagram Stories show the ‘raw’ side to your business which again enhances the ‘personal connection’ your business has with its audience.

Social media is a marketing tool that is ever-changing and always growing. Ensuring your business is on top of these updates shows your adaptability to trends, and openness to change. If you’re not already using Instagram Stories, get to it and see the improvement in your engagement!