The benefits of being a podcast guest

Lucy Bleakley | Account Manager Media, Technology, Uncategorized Leave a Comment

If you haven’t had at least one person ask you what podcast you are listening to at the moment is it even 2019?

Podcasts – audio internet series you can listen to ‘on-demand’ are a rapidly growing media format. There are more than 750,000 podcasts across the internet airwaves right now, up 250,000 from just two years ago.

In a time when short, sharp media bites are almost the norm, podcast audiences are incredibly engaged. Eighty percent of people will listen to an entire episode which is generally 40-60 minutes long. Given the perceived short attention span of media consumers, podcasts present an incredible opportunity to tell your story to an audience that is plugged in, distraction-free and ready to listen. 

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Devising family time without devices

Kerry Mitchell | Account Manager Lifestyle, Technology Leave a Comment

I’m currently sporting a particularly ugly scar on my knee, the result of a summer family cycling trip gone spectacularly wrong.

I can’t say I have any regrets though, as any family time that doesn’t involve devices these days is precious.

I don’t begrudge my 14-year-old daughter and 11-year-old twin sons device time altogether – they are smart kids, doing well at school and involved in various sports and other activities, and I enjoy a bit of television binge-watching myself.

It just seems most battles around the home relate to the use of devices. The amount of time spent on them being the biggest one.  And when their time is up, they struggle to know what to do with themselves, despite being surrounded in books, games and musical instruments if it’s wet; bikes, scooters and skateboards and a nearby park when it’s not.

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How the changing media landscape affects you

Ellen Irvine | Account Manager Media, Pitches Leave a Comment

Like it or not, the media landscape in New Zealand is rapidly changing.

The announcement that NZME would close Tauranga’s Bay News and the Whangarei Report comes off the back of a year when Stuff announced it would close 28 community and rural newspapers.

You will also have noticed a change in the daily newspapers – fewer pages, fewer journalists and fewer stories.

What that means for you and your business is that it’s getting harder to get your story in print. Your best chance is to utilise PR professionals like Blink, and the fact remains that sometimes traditional media is still the best, or the necessary, way to tell your story.

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The holiday slump

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Do you remember when you were a kid, and the school summer holidays seemed to stretch on forever?

Burning feet on hot sand, hours whiled away playing in the local outdoor pool, and the race against time to eat a delicious ice cream cone before it melted.

The days and weeks seemed to stretch on forever before it was time to return to school taller, browner and just that little bit more grown up, ready to tackle a new school year with shiny new stationery and a clean slate.

For some children, their summer memories are different. For them, school days are the best days, when there’s always a lunch even when the cupboards at home are empty.

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The importance of vocabulary: why ‘trivial’ matters

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There was plenty of head-shaking and finger-wagging over the state of our children’s vocabulary after the NCEA Year 13 History exam brouhaha.

The students were asked to analyse the extent to which they agreed or disagreed with Julius Caesar’s quote in relation to a historical event: “Events of importance are the result of trivial causes.”

Problem was, they didn’t know the meaning of ‘trivial’.

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Technology brings new life to WWI communications

Scott Macleod | Account Manager Technology, Uncategorized Leave a Comment


This week provided a sobering reminder of the sacrifices made by our Tauranga forebears – and a demonstration of just how far we’ve come with communications technology.

The reminder occurred on Sunday, when more than 300 people gathered in Memorial Park to pay their respects to 109 local men who died in World War 1.

For this communications professional, Remembrance Day was a time to reflect beyond the horrors of war to the propaganda which led our forefathers to believe they were embarking on a ‘grand adventure’.

It was also a time to ponder the incredible scientific advances made in the short span of 100 years, with century-old communications technology including rudimentary biplanes, Morse code and hand-cranked movie cameras producing jerky images bereft of sound.

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Is print dead?

Scott Harwood | Creative Director Uncategorized Leave a Comment

We’re often told that digital media is the brave new world, get on board or get left behind. Print is not dynamic, old school and past it’s use-by-date.

Is, that right? Is print no longer relevant? Is it heading for a not-so-slow death?

Over the last several years we’ve seen a headlong rush by communicators and marketers to new digital media. Terms such as click-throughs, conversion-rates and reach are now part of the daily vernacular of the digital communicator.

However, as much as digital media makes up a large part of what I do each day, I’m still a die-hard fan of the printed page. There’s something about the look and feel, and even smell, of a printed page that keeps me hooked.

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How to transform your brand through storytelling

Alison Brown | Group Account Director Branding, Marketing Leave a Comment

Imagine that you’re in the market for a good moisturiser and you have the option of buying one of two brands.

The cost and ingredients are nearly the same – the first product gives you a straightforward description of volume and benefits to your skin. The second features messages about the benefits, but it also carries a story about the values of the company and its founders, confirmation that ingredients are ethically-sourced and not tested on animals and how, with each purchase, $5 will be donated to a charity that provides support to people affected by cancer.

Most likely, you’re going to buy the second moisturiser, thanks to persuasive storytelling.

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