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Our newest member of the team, Shae has a talent for turning complex content into simple, palatable pieces of information that can effectively be used in multiple communications channels. She thrives on achieving tangible results for clients.

Lucy joins Blink with many years of experience across marketing, communications and events. Defining the marketing and brand strategy for much-loved Australian media brands and major events Lucy has developed a keen strategic eye for creating thoughtful brand experiences and communications across all touch points.

Kerry has more than 25 years’ experience in community and daily newspapers, specialty health and education publications, ‘mummy blogging’, freelance writing, and event planning and coordination.

Scott starts his projects with a structured, analytical appraisal that provides the foundation for creative thinking in which the goal is always to connect with an audience. “There needs to be reasons for doing everything we do. So we’ve developed simple processes that get to the crux of a campaign, project or larger strategy that maps out clear building blocks.”

Christiaan is yet to meet a design job that he can’t tackle with his broad, multi-disciplinary skillset. This stems from a varied background that includes designing footwear in his South African homeland, analysing data for London Transport, and working for a variety of design studios and advertising agencies.

Jess has significant experience in social media and marketing in the area of retail. “Listening to the client and bringing attention to detail and deep thinking to their plans is what we love to do.” Jess knows how to present material with public appeal.

Tyler brings PR experience from working with an Auckland agency and loves thinking about how to effectively apply social media tools to our clients’ businesses. She came to Blink with a native understanding of the role social media plays in our lives and our clients’ businesses.

Natalie founded Blink in September 2012 to harness the power of good communications for local businesses. Understanding what makes people behave in the way they do and being able to positively influence that behaviour is what sets Blink apart.

Luke focuses on helping clients with a communications style based on solid back-to-basics methods. “Sometimes paring things right back and starting with a communications audit is the best way to go. That way you’re able to survey the landscape before embarking on your communications journey.