Client SILC
Year 2021
Role Brand strategy and design
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Supported Individualised Lifestyle Choices (SILC)

For more than 30 years, SILC has walked alongside individuals experiencing disability, supporting with the lightest touch to encourage independent living. Work with individuals is a personalised partnership, through the delivery of co-created, tailored plans that balance needs and wishes with the aim of bringing as much independence and autonomy in their lives as possible.

For some time, the disability support sector has been undergoing a system-wide transformation, including how support is delivered to to those experiencing disability. With this in mind SILC began exploring new opportunities with their service offering. Blink was retained to help examine perceptions of SILC, both within the organisation and outward amongst external stakeholders, and whether that reflects the true beliefs and purpose of the organisation.

From those findings Blink developed key messages and positioning, along with brand identity design, then implemented solutions across various channels and promotions.

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Co-create, realise life choices, and achieve personal goals

The brand design solution is an expression of the process of co-creation that is at the core to realising an individualised solution for the people that SILC supports. The fun and friendly design presents a strong visual impact amongst peer organisations.