Stakeholder communications


Year From 2017
Role Stakeholder communications
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Tungia te Ururua, kia tupu Whakaritorito te tupu O te harakeke

Clear the undergrowth so that the new shoots of the flax will grow. The Western Bay of Plenty Primary Health Organisation (WBOPPHO) is focused on keeping people well in their communities. They help to plan, fund and coordinate healthcare alongside professionals such as family doctors, nurses and hauora workers at general practices, medical centres and community clinics. The WBOPPHO's mission is to ensure positive and fair health experiences for all, so everyone can flourish. The WBOPPHO is committed to achiev­ing equity of health outcomes for Māori.
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Purpose and story

Our relationship with the Western Bay of Plenty Primary Health organisation started with an in-depth consultative communications audit across the complex organisational structure and stakeholders. The purpose was to uncover insights, bring teams together, nurture partnerships, and develop the brand story and awareness across general practice and the wider health sector. A large part of this journey was focussed on embracing Te Ao Māori in the PHO’s story and values.
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From 2017 Blink delivered internal and external comms in depth, including pivotal work during the pandemic where we partnered with the DHB comms teams to deliver daily ‘COVID-19 alerts’ to thousands of clinicians and stakeholders. 

More recently communications and PR has covered the development of locality partnerships as the details of the current Government’s health reforms emerge, always with a deep focus on equity. Consistent media coverage has been a hallmark throughout. The PHO is now seen as one of Aotearoa’s leading health organisations with exponential growth across the organisation’s teams and offerings over the past 3 years.