The benefits of being a podcast guest

Lucy Bleakley | Account Manager Media, Technology, Uncategorized

If you haven’t had at least one person ask you what podcast you are listening to at the moment is it even 2019?

Podcasts – audio internet series you can listen to ‘on-demand’ are a rapidly growing media format. There are more than 750,000 podcasts across the internet airwaves right now, up 250,000 from just two years ago.

In a time when short, sharp media bites are almost the norm, podcast audiences are incredibly engaged. Eighty percent of people will listen to an entire episode which is generally 40-60 minutes long. Given the perceived short attention span of media consumers, podcasts present an incredible opportunity to tell your story to an audience that is plugged in, distraction-free and ready to listen. 

There are a number of podcasts with slick production, famous hosts and millions of listeners tuning in each week, but on the flipside there are many with ‘micro’ audiences of around 10,000 listeners tuning into interview-style shows, and it’s this niche audience opportunity that is really exciting.

These highly-engaged ‘micro’ audiences are exactly what has informed the media strategy for ‘The Kite Program’, a world-first personal development app for mums that has piqued the interest of The Project, Seven Sharp, several news publications and radio shows across New Zealand. Given the global aspirations of her app, director and founder Hannah Hardy-Jones says the ability to reach her audience globally, at scale, for no financial cost is incredibly appealing.

So far she has been a guest on podcasts across the UK, US, Switzerland and Australia, reaching these ‘micro’ audiences across lifestyle and business segments. Being able to spread the Kite message to highly-targeted audiences – not just broadly but connecting with audiences for a good 45 minutes has been an invaluable source of PR, Hannah says.

Of course, with any media opportunity it all starts with a good story, but with a solid pitch the opportunities to reach a global audience from the comfort of your office are endless.