Human Library


Project concept and management, media, social media, event management

A Human Library is an interactive event designed to start discussion, to challenge stereotypes, find out about how the other half lives or bond over similarities. Real humans are ‘books’ that ‘readers’ can engage with and have meaningful conversations with.  Blink created a human library for the Wright Family Foundation at the escape! festival, using real Kiwis from the foundation’s People Matter campaign.


The Human Library event was a huge success, with high engagement from festival-goers. The event also succeeded in raising the profile of the Wright Family Foundation and its People Matter campaign – spreading the message that everyone has a voice. The event gained wide media coverage.

“Anyone who is considering getting their message to the public whether it be as a business or as in our case as a philanthropic purpose, should seriously consider engaging with Blink Media.”

“We could not have achieved the public awareness that we have without the close relationship that is formed by the dedication of a one-on-one relationship within the staff at Blink. The professional commitment coupled with the ability of being able to view the heart of what drives us has been imperative to sharing our purpose and story nationwide.”

“We have found Blink to be a company that strives for excellence in outcomes, pushing the ‘brand’ further than was expected and beyond what was dreamed of. I could not recommend Blink enough.”

Chloe Wright - CEO, Wright Family Foundation
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